The Winners Of 2017’s A’ Design Award Are Here And They’re Pure Genius!


Designers from all over the world submitted their best works and finally, the A’ Design Award & Competition has announced the winners. The awards were doled out to over 1200 projects spanning a wide spectrum of categories, including but not limited to, furniture, packaging, graphics, and architecture. Here are 23 of the best designs that will astonish you!

A’ Packaging Design Award Winners:

1. Little Pocket

"This is a french fries box design.The “little pocket “on the front can guide user to squeeze ketchup in it, rather than on paper plate, provide a sanitation, environmental protection and healthy way to eat."

(Image credits: Dong Jiang)

2. Marais Piano cake packaging

(Image credits: Kazuaki Kawahara)

3. Honey packaging design Funny Honey

"This seemingly honeycomb structure, through folding and reversing can become a checkerboard, while in the taste of honey, but also to experience the fun of life. Reduce the excessive waste of packaging, and increase the fun and interactive experience."
(Image credits: Lu Zhao, Jian Zhang, Lin Huang, Tingyue Yan).

4. Meow – The Cat Nutrition for Stray Cats

"In Turkey, there are lots of stray cats in the streets even documentaries have been made about it. When we come across a poor stray cat in the street it is really hard for an animal lover to look another way and go ahead. We care about them so lots of people carry cat food in their bags. But the hardest part is not just feeding, it is mostly about giving them water or to find a container to pour fresh water for them. The idea with Meow is to supply both cat food and clean water in one package." 
(Image credits: Bahar Bostancı, Evrim Uvacin Isik).

5. Instant noodle packaging box

"This is an instant noodle packaging box design, it is different from a normal instant noodle packaging.Firstly, when it is not being used, its size will be much smaller, but when we use it the volume will be larger .In addition, during preparing the fork,customers could hold the lids and keep them clean.Besides, expanding the size of the bowl can increase the user’s sense of comfort,so that a good user experience will be felt by the customer"
(Image credits: Cao Weizhi, Ding Jian, Chen Yuru).

6. Pasta Nikita Packaging

(Image credits: Nikita Konkin)

7. The Travel Bra Anti-theft and comfort (A’ Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Winner)

"The Travel Bra has a patented drop-down mesh pocket that stores cash and even stretches to take a passport. It folds up under the band when not in use. It has a side mesh stretch sleeve that takes a credit card or hotel room key. It has mini-pockets integrated into the shoulder straps for jewelry or scan card. Extra storage is available under the cups for storing more cash. In one version it has a front pocket for storing lipstick. The Travel Bra has no underwire, is ant-odor treated and super soft."
(Image credits: Dr Annie Holden and Brenda Barnett).

A’ Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware, and Cookware Design Winners:

8. Teanocchio Tea infuser

"Teanocchio comes from puppet play, aims to change the way we prepare our drink and make teatime events more pleasurable. Adding some fun and nostalgia about old games while preparing tea, makes a joyful user experience and causes user feels he is making alive the character while drinking."(Image credits: Soroush Vahidian, Mohammad Afkhami).

9. Coffee Cup Indicating temperature

(Image credits: Yi Teng Shih, Rengrui Xiang, Yuting Chen)

A’ Furniture, Decorative Items, and Homeware Design Award Winners:

10. Grow up Multifunctional Chair

(Image credits: Yong Zhang,Ya-nan Shi).

11. Feather Coffee and Side Table

"The impression of the beauty of the plumage while drifting and overlapping layers. It has become to be the Feather collection. The collection consists of one side and one coffee table. Both have that hand-made welded stainless steel base with a laser cutting and a wooden top. The Feather table gives the sensation that is so light and it could be fly."

(Image credits: Apiwat Chitapanya-Asia Collection).

12. Whale Chair Stool

(Image credits: Farzaneh Biazaran).

13. Multifunctional chair

(Image credits: Yi-An Hung, Yestudio).

14. UltraDry Dryer in bus stop (A’ Social Design Award Winner)

(Image credits: National Taipei University of Technology).

15. VELO SOCK Bicycle Storage Solution (A’ Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Equipment Design Winner)

(Image credits: Gvido Bajars).

16. Jazz Shower (A’ Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Award Winner)

A’ Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design Award Winners:

17. CONTemporary Library Exhibition Installation

(Image credits: studio 8 1/2).


(Image credits: YANG WANG & HAO NIU).

19. Hangzhou Zhongshuge Bookstore

(Image credits: Li Xiang).

20. Ocean Chapel

(Image credits: Atsuhiko Sugiyama).

A’ Architecture, Building, and Structure Design Award Winners:

21. Organic House House

(Image credits: Javier Senosiain, Daniel Arredondo).

22. Rosemont Hotel and Residences Hotel and Serviced Apartments

(Image credits: ZAS Architects in association with K&P).

23. Punjab Kesari Headquarters Office

(Image credits: Amit Gupta: Britta Knobel Gupta).

Source: Bored Panda

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