The Revolutionary Physics Document Discovered In Da Vinci's Drawings!


We all know about Leonardo da Vinci, the polymath who was interested in painting, sculpture, invention, science, music, mathematics, engineering, literature, anatomy, geology and many other areas of science! Incredibly amazing, isn't it?Many of his drawings were ignored by scientists until recently because they were deemed "irrelevant". However, a former "irrelevant" page that has been discovered lately totally shocked the science community. One would think this guy couldn't have possibly got cooler, but he has done it!

1. This page, which was discovered by the University of Cambridge Professor Ian Hutchings, bears the date of the year 1493.

The reason why this drawing was such a big deal in the science community is because it is the oldest known source about the laws of fraction.

2. It was a known that da Vinci was the first person to conduct a systematic study of friction, however, there is no information about how and when he concluded these laws.

That's why Hutchings started putting da Vinci's drawings in chronological order to see how his reasoning process unfolded.

3. The same page also attracted lots of attention in the beginning of the 20th century.

However, at that time, it wasn't about a breakthrough by da Vinci. It was a sketch of a woman located in the upper part of the page, and the sentence: “Cosa bella mortal passa e non dura,” which translates to “Mortal beauty passes and does not last.”

4. And the rest of this page was deemed a part of unimportant drawings by the scientists of 1920s.

After a century, Hutchings luckily thought that it would be a good idea to revise that page. What he noticed was that the raw geometric drawings represented weights hanging from a reel.

5. While today's scientists are working on friction laws, they unknowingly use the drawings that were made by da Vinci for the first time.

The drawings Hutchings analyzed prove that Leonardo da Vinci uncovered the laws of friction as early as 1493. Until this new finding, everybody thought that the French scientist Guillaume Amontons was the first person to reveal these laws. However, his works are around 200 years younger than those of Da Vinci's.

6. We actually shouldn't have had to wait until now to conclude that da Vinci was way ahead of his time as a scientist.

Leonardo da Vinci was one of the most important experts in mathematics, physics, architecture, as well as a major artist of the Renaissance. Da Vinci, who also designed the prototypes of the many technologies and innovations we use today, was not only way ahead of his time, but he is also ahead of our time.

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