The Magical Book That Gives Life Back To Earth!


To educate children, the Argentinan Publishing House introduced a biodegradable book embedded with seeds that can literally be planted after it is read.

Stick it on a shelf, lend it to a friend, or maybe place it in the Little Free Library up the block. That’s what most of us do with a book when we’re finished reading it.

But, when children in Argentina are done reading Mi Papá Estuvo en la Selva (My Father Was In the Jungle), they can plant the book into the ground and watch as it grows into a tree. 

The book is made of acid-free paper and ecological ink and is intended to teach children between 8 and 12 years old about the importance of nature and its sources.

The book intends children to be bound up with nature

Tree Book wants to inform young readers about the ecological impact of their books, and restart the cycle of growth. 

The paper comes from trees, which can be replanted by the book itself. And, it should be a wonderful experience for children to watch the picture book they planted sprout into a full-sized tree. As the campaign suggested: “Trees and children can grow together.”

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