The Guy Who Crossed The Gobi Desert On Foot In 3 Days!


Mert Gültekin from Turkey made his dream come true! He crossed the Gobi in three days!

Let's see what this adventurer experienced in this hardcore journey.

You can find his full article here (English version follows the Turkish version, just scroll down).

Just hit the road and amazing things will happen!

Here is Mert Gültekin, the dude who managed to cross the entirety of the part of the Gobi with the biggest sand hills on foot: Khongoryn Els

This is an incredible success for him!

During his 3-day compelling journey, he walked 90 km and climbed sand hills as high as 300 meters!

Undoubtedly, it wasn't easy for him.

"Sleeping only at noon, I walked 70 km in the first two days."
(3 hours of sleep in total for two days)

"In the desert, not only the weather, but everything is hot, there is nothing but sand, though."

"My thermometer displayed 50°C as it can't go any further. At every moment, my skin was getting dryer, in every step my bags were getting heavier and with a weird face as well as toes that became more like a hoof, I went on my journey. Thankfully, they were my companions throughout the journey."

He saw unique views!

"This adventure of mine which sometimes compelled the living conditions for 78 hours, let me see extraordinary scenes, sleep under a small sand hill for a few hours, enjoy the moonlight while chilling on the sands, and also enjoy a few drops on rain falling on my face while I was looking for stars."

And he has also learned a lot...

"It reminded me how important water was and how beautiful those meals that used to be put before us were. It taught me to live on less, instead of more, to endure to pain, and to find that little light in a difficult situation. Most importantly, it taught me about myself once more."

"Go after your dreams!"

"The only thing you need is to get up and go. I did so. I had some days that i had no dime. I have been on the roads for 3 months. I hitchhiked to this desert. I had some problems. I had lost my camera just before I entered the desert and the guy who found it asked me 300 dollars for it. I walked to the town that guy lived. That town was 25 km far from me and I passed a small desert on the way to that town. That desert covers an area of 12 km and I passed it twice. I somehow got him to give me my camera back. The guy then even invited me to his home and gave me food. He was nice enough to have me stay in a hotel."

"The only thing you need to do is go!"

"As I said, the only thing you need is to go. Of course, there will be people around you saying you can't do it. There were some people who told me that I cant cross that desert. Don't let them say it and you tell them. Get up and do it. See for yourself. Only then you can say you were or were not able to do it. Today, as a friend of yours, i have traveled all across Mongolia and achieved one of my biggest dreams. You can do it, too. DO IT!"

We congratulate him for his awesome success and ballsy adventure!

We also congratulate you for not giving up on your dreams! God speed you, Mert! 👏

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