The Gates Of The Past: 54 Historical Photos Probably You Haven't Seen Before!


When we read a historical article or a book we're generally left with the dull realities of the author or our own imagination. However, photos bring us the smell, the spirit of that period, and the false facts...

In addition to the stories of the author about how the events took place in the past, photos can be the seeds of new ideas which you'd form with your own observations. An old photo of a famous or an ordinary person, or a distinct or common event may have fascinating stories. 

These 54 magnificent and rare photos, which have been published recently, open the gate of the near past.

1. Nikola Tesla's laboratory and his Magnetic Transmitter, which is related to HAARP, long after his death.

2. The Austrian boy who obtained his new shoes after WWII.

3. Dorothy Counts, the first black women to be placed in a school comprising of only white students in the USA, suffering teasing and humiliation by her white peers. | 1957

4. The organizers of the Boston Marathon are trying to stop Kathrine Switzer, who would be the first woman to win the race later, from running the marathon. | 1967

5. Jewish captives saved from the Death Trains of the Nazis. | 1945

6. The tombs of a catholic woman and her protestant husband, Netherlands. | 1888

7. The moment when Harold Whittles, deaf from birth, first heard human voice with a hearing aid. | 1974

8. The lone "man" refusing to give a Nazi salute. | 1936

9. Sweden, the first morning after changing from lefthanded to righthanded traffic. | 1967

10. Job seeking people after the Great Depression. | 1930

11. The reactions of German soldiers to the Concentration Camp videos shown to them by the allied forces after the war. | 1945

12. West Berliners introducing their children to their grandparents living in East Berlin. | 1961

13. Acrobats trying to balance on the roof of the Empire State Building. | 1934

14. The dead body of Mafia leader, Masseria, lies on the floor of a restaurant in Brooklyn with an ace of spades between his fingers. | 1931

15. An exotic dancer, arrested and brought before the judge, explaining to the court and the jury that her underwear is too large to perform her job as she wished.

16. The construction of the Statue of Liberty. | 1884

17. A lesbian couple in Paris. | 1932

18. Evelyn Mchale who committed suicide by jumping off the roof of the Empire State Building. | 1947

19. Nigerian design student and actor, Bolaji Badejo, (only for this particular movie) in his costume he designed for the cult sci-fi movie Alien. | 1978

20. Remnants of Cosmonaut Vladimir Kamarov, "The man who fall from the space." | 1967

21. A little German girl meeting her father for the first time, who left home for WWII when she was 1 year old. | 1956

22. A mother showing her son's photo to a war criminal. | 1947

23. The treatment of a "war dog" wounded in Orote Peninsula. | 1944

24. Frida Kahlo in men's clothing. | 1924

25. 1930's hat fashion in New York.

26. A Scotch soldier at the front in WWI.

27. Titanic survivors saved by The Carpathia. | 1912

28. A rare photo of young Winston Churchill. | 1895

29. Mona Lisa, Da Vinci's famous masterpiece returning to the Louvre after WWII.

By the way, the originality of the masterpiece exhibited at the Louvre is still indisputable.

30. Painting of the Eiffel Tower. | 1932

31. Robert Williams Wood, Max Planck, and Albert Einstein watching the Physics Congress in Berlin from the front row. | 1931

32. The first bananas arriving in Norway. | 1905

33. Tzar Nikolai II allowing his daughter to take a puff from his cigarette.

34. Eye of one of the famous sculptures on Mount Rushmore. | 1930's

35. About 100 people organizing a terrain lottery at the area which would be called Tel Aviv later. | 1909

36. Marilyn Monroe playing her role regardless of the gigantic crowd watching her on the legendary film set. | 1954

37. Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, and Keith Richards at Jagger's 29th birthday party. | 1972

38. Hungarian Jews, being selected by the Nazis to be taken to the gas chambers in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. | 1944

39. People waiting in the line to watch the last execution by guillotine. | 1939

40. The graffities on the walls of the Reichstag building, remaining from Soviet soldiers after the USSR occupied Berlin

Yes, you're right. That Reichstag, the German parliament building which was the stage to the fire started for Hitler to gain the dictatorial powers in 1933.

41. The load-bearing columns of the Hoover Dam are being filled with cement. | 1934

42. The last photo of Vladimir Lenin. | 1923

When this photo was taken Lenin had already had 3 strokes and was unable to speak.

43. U175, the German submarine which was forced to surface and then destroyed by the US Coast Guard. | 1943

44. Eduard Bloch, the Jewish physician of the Hitler family, working at his office. | 1938

Bloch was later called the "Noble Jew" by Hitler and he continued his life under the personal protection of Hitler til his death.

45. A Jewish woman sitting on a bench with the writing, "Only for the Jew," she's hiding her face, Austria. | 1938

46. The soldiers of the empire giving the Banzai salute minutes before the Japanese destroyer Zuikaku sank.

Banzai: Its full form is "tennou heika banzai" meaning "Emperor of Japan, long live your majesty!" The "long live!" cry used as "Banzai" during war or there's a short time to utter.

47. "The Gadget," the first atomic bomb. | 1945

48. Jennie MacGregor, arrested by the Minneapolis police department for selling alcohol against the prohibition. | 1924

49. A boxing competition organized aboard the U.S.S New York. | 1933

50. Young Adolph, celebrating the beginning of WWI.

51. The Eiffel Tower during the Nazi occupation. | 1940

52. The latest touch-ups of "The Fat Man," the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki on August 9, 1945.

In the photo, it's seen what's written JANCFU (Joint-Army-Navy-Civilian-F*** Up) on the nose of the bomb.

53. An American punching a Vietnamese to protect his place in the last helicopter taking off from the US Embassy during Saigon evacuation. | 1975

54. A bunch of people posing in front of the slave market of Lynch in Missouri, United States of America. | 1852

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