The Creepy Claim Written In The Diary Of The American President: Hitler Didn't Die!


It turned out that John F. Kennedy, while he was a young man, thought that Adolf Hitler did not actually die. He even went to the place where Hitler shot himself, as a reporter, but still did not believe he had committed suicide. All the information was written in his diary.

The President was a reporter for a magazine at that time. For this reason, he went to Europe and traveled to battlefields.

He even visited Hitler's refuges in Berlin including the special place called Eagle's Nest near Munich.

He kept a diary while doing all this. A diary in which he wrote everything in every step in Europe. A diary that has a lot of secret information.

What was written in that diary?

"Hitler had a passion for his country on the level that threatened world peace. But there are some mysteries that will increase with regard to way he lived and died. "

After visiting Hitler's last shelter, Kennedy claimed that the Fuhrer might not have actually died.

His proof was that there was no blood or bullets on the walls of the room where Hitler shot himself.

He also said that there was no information or source about the presence of the dead body.

The diary that Kennedy later handed over to one of his assistants was transferred to an auction house to be sold during the president's 100th birthday.

The auction house has also stated that the President does not sympathize with Hitler in any way.

It is expected to find buyers for around $200,000.

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