The Couple That Proves Love Is Not About How Much You Weigh But Who You Are!


Another day, another story. When someone called this teenage girl fat, her boyfriend had the best reaction along with many people on twitter. After posting some of the graduation photos online, she got a mean comment on twitter from a person she doesn't even know and things only got better after that. Congratulations for sticking up for her!👏


Meet Tre Booker and Madison – a completely adorable couple that just recently attended their school prom. Just like most high school couples, before heading to the dance they stopped to snap a few pictures.

Madison later shared on Twitter and at first people were liking it...

But then she received an unpleasant comment…

Madison retweeted the comment and responded with a simple message: “Don’t see how people can be rude to people they don’t even know.”

Madison’s tweet has gone viral since with tons of people supporting her and her boyfriend.

Though the best response came from the boyfriend himself.

The couple has gone viral ever since and with thousands of people adoring them.

And supporting both Tre Booker for being a great boyfriend

Everybody is talking about how good of a man Tre is and that he's a gentleman.

By the was Madison looks absolutely stunning 🤗👏👗

Madison got complimented a lot.😌😂

This is what we call relationship goals 👫

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