Spoiler Alert! 5 Characters That Will Be Killed by Arya in the Final Season


Arya Stark is one of the fan-favorite characters on Game of Thrones. Her character development made her one of the most respected heroines on the show. She has gone from a tomboy noble girl to a mystic assassin who is  thirsty for revenge. As there are a few people left in her killing list, here are five of them that she's definitely gonna kill in the upcoming final season.

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5. Beric Dondarrion

Even tough he have betrayed Arya and Gendry in the early seasons, he is now an ally of Jon Snow. She'll most likely kill Dondarrion and we will see if it will start a clash between Arya and Jon.

4. Melisandre

We think the The Red Woman's days are numbered. Even though she is very helpful for the protagonists in the last two seasons, Melisandre is still universally disliked and does not have much allies in the show either. Thus ''no one'' probably gonna save her from Arya's wrath.

3. The Mountain

Arya has proven that she can take down enemies who are larger and sronger than her but we may not be sure since The Mountain is a crusher of enemies who are faster and smarter than him. But our bet is on Arya for sure.

2. Ilyn Payne

Joffrey's executioner and torturer made an introduction to Arya's list by killing her father, Ned Stark in the first season. He was lastly mentioned in season 4 and has not seen since season 2, Arya definitely should have no problem killing an unmentioned, forgotten character.

1. Cersei Lannister

She can be the gold premium member of Arya's kill-list. Nobody deserves to kill her more than our small heroine does. As a former member of face-changing assassins, Arya has the best chance to take down the current Queen of Westeros.

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