Social Media's Gone Mad About The Sudden Global Appearance Of This Mystery Object!


Recently we've been coming across some mysterious videos being shared on social media. Given the never-ending quench for finding alien life, each video shared around the globe brings up the question: "Are they really here this time?"

The videos share, what seems to be an unidentified object clearly taking off at a super-sonic speed and disappearing in the clouds! Boy is Spielberg happy now? 👽


Some observers have already taken their videos and uploaded them on Twitter and such!

The videos we got a hold of take place in London, Belgrade, Istanbul and Izmir.

There are ongoing discussions about this event being related to the newly revealed 7 planets or not. Another topic is the meteor that made a flyby on February 25th.

Of course, we all know that's not what a gigantic meteor would look like. So that leaves us with a big question mark above our heads.

Without further ado, here's the video that started everything in London. Poof and it's up in the air!


Istanbul - "What was that thing flying over us? A big question mark waiting to be resolved just got added to my life. I just can't make any sense of it. Did you anyone else get this?"

Last one's from Izmir - "I've grown tired of asking myself the same question. What really was that? 😱 I can't be the only one who saw that now, can I?"

In all these footages we see an object taking off with a loud blast and disappearing in the clouds!

We couldn't solve the mystery in one way or another, what do you think? 👽

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