Scary Facts Revealed By Gary McKinnon, The Guy Who Hacked NASA!


The greatest NASA leak reveals so much information about the ongoing conspiracy theories and things people have never even imagined of happening. According to the information from the leak, something is out there and we have been contacting them for a long time.

Between February 2001 and March 2002, Gary McKinnon opposed the preservation of energy production, UFO activities and technological developments that could be useful to the public and attacked 16 NASA computers, a dozen computers of the US Army, naval and air forces, and US Defense Department computers. He damaged a total of $ 800,000 to the US budget as a result of the regulated attacks.

In the last decade, conspiracy theorists, who claim that there are innumerable dark organizations in governments operating in extreme secrecy, were waiting for information to be revealed following the attacks, as a result of which the ones revealed by the Freedom of Information Act requests in the US were presented to the public during the investigation.

One interesting point was that many of the old astronauts said interesting stuff about aliens. For example: "Some engineering products and advanced equipment have made incredible progress over the last 60 years. This perhaps happened with some support from the visitors." The astronaut who said these words was none other than Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who was the 6th person to ever step foot on the moon.

Discussions with explanations made by former astronauts and state officials begin to slowly turn from being conspiracy theories to "genuine accusations" supported by information. Retired Senator Daniel K. Inouye says:

"There is a dark government with its own air force, its own fleet, its own fundraising mechanism, and its ability to follow its own national interests, free of all checks and balances, and they set the laws."

At this stage, Canada's former Secretary of Defense, Paul Hellyer became involved, and the situation gets a bit more interesting:

"Decades ago, the visitors from other planets warned us about some subjects and offered us some help, but we, at least some of us, interpreted the visits as a threat and we were damaged them first, and then we started asking questions about the warnings, and millions of dollars were spent for the government's secret projects."

What's there to prove such a claim?

In an interview with Gary McKinnon, who conducted the NASA attacks, says in an interview: "I have leaked information that shows that America has a fully functional fleet for space wars. I kept browsing documents for months because of I feared they would close the door. I found an Excel table called "Officers." There were different sequences and names, and among ship lists there were segments for "material transfer," and there were ships that were available for use in space whose names started with USS.''

There were hackers from different parts of the world.

Gary McKinnon, accused of being the biggest computer pirate in the history of the country, "Thanks to a command used to learn the location and the list of machines that were in the same month as you, I saw hackers working in Denmark, Italy, Germany, Turkey, and Thailand, who were pursuing information like me. I worked continuously every night for 5 to 7 years."

Obama even mentioned McKinnon in his speeches:

According to retired aviation and space engineer William Tompkins; Thousands of people - not just a few - have joined the Space Fleet in the United States, and thousands of people have been on the road for a 20-year tour, and a lot of information has been given to men and women about what they will need. Many went to our facilities in the moon and were sent to a Mars facility. "

Thompson and McKinnon are not the only ones claiming there is a secret space fleet:

"Mars was first visited by the Germans in the 1930s, but in the '70s, US space programs were actively exploring Mars and other planets to build different facilities," Journalist Corey Goode says. The Solar Warden project in 1980 argued that human life on Mars is making great progress and said, "The living areas were built under the surface of Mars."

In addition, an old NASA employee, who Goode claims to have been on secret missions 20 years ago on Mars, said that the NASA employee gave him information about people on Mars.

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