Round 2! Kanye West Attacks Drake On Twitter And Ariana Grande Throws Shade!


Round two of West vs Drake! Kanye West started to expose Drake on Twitter and fandom thought that he should put his phone away!

Kanye West began to attack Drake on Twitter thread and he is not holding back in his feud with Drake.

The tension arouse between them when Drake accused Pusha T of 'outing' his son Adonis on a diss track. Because Drake didn't mention his child at this time.

After then rumors swirled about Drake's 'In My Feelings' because it was thought 'Kiki' in the song is Kim Kardashian.

Understandably, Kanye got angry when Drake didn't deny the claims.

Now, Kanye began to discuss after Drake apparently "sent a clearance request for 'Say What's Real'" to the star's team.

'Say What's Real' is a Drake song and Kanye produced it. Now he wanted to clear it.

From here, Kanye began to explain why he wasn't giving Drake clearance on the track.

Kanye wanted Drake to apologise, and stop using Kris Jenner and Travis Scott to check up on how the family is doing.

He tweeted he never intended to hurt him intentionally.

He wanted Drake to stop.

He also addressed Drake's heated feud with Pusha T.

He wanted Drake to stop talking and taking on his family.

Kanye simply wanted to stop disagreement between them.

Meanwhile Drake:

Drake kind of responded on his Instagram story with emojis.

Kim Kardashian supported her husband and told that there would be no Drake without him.

While Kanye tweeted about Drake, people lost it!

Fans wanted to stop Kanye tweeting and told Kim to take his phone away!

He needs to chill!

By the way, Ariana Grande threw some major shade feud between Kanye and Drake.

And Cyrus saw this and she retweeted the message.

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