Time To Meet With The New First Lady Melania Trump!


After a long and competitive race, America has a new president now! Donald Trump has won the elections and the USA has a new First Lady. We wanted to compile a list of all the unknown details about Melania Trump without losing time.

Here are some fun facts about Melania Trump!

1. Here's America's new first lady: Melania Trump!


Donald Trump may have won the election but we have another winner here: Meet Melania Trump!

2. Although Donald Trump is known for his anti-immigrant statements, his wife Melania is an immigrant who came to USA in 1995.


Melania was born in former Yugoslavia, currently Slovenia, in 1970. She earned her residency permit in 2001 and become a USA citizen in 2006.

3. Melania quit college to become a model!


Melania worked as a model when she was younger. Then, she continued her career as a jewelry and watch designer.



These photos of Melania was discussed heavily when Trump was running for president. Trump shut down the arguments by claiming that these photos are normal for the European fashion sense and they are widespread around the continent.

5. One day Melania decided that she doesn't earn enough money and moves to the USA.


6. Melania continues her modelling career in the United States. She meets with Donald Trump when she was on a night out with her friends one night.


Back then, Donal Trump was married to Marla Maples. Marla is a former beauty pageant contestant and the mother of Trump's daughter Tiffany. Melania Trump remembers those days: "He asked for my number but he was married, of course, I didn't give my number to him."

7. Melania rejects Donald!


Donald Trump follows Melania for 3 months. Meanwhile, Trump divorces his former wife. Melania couldn't resist Trump's strong interest and let her guard down. Melania eventually accepted Trump and the happy couple moved into a gold-plated loft which is worth around $100 Million.

8. After 5 months of dating, the couple got married in 2005 with a gorgeous wedding ceremony!


The ceremony took place in the Mar-A-Lago mansion in Palm Beach. The mansion has 58 rooms and 33 bathrooms.

9. Melania wore a Dior bridal gown with 1500 custom made crystals. The gown cost around $100,000!


The rumor is that the bridal dress took 550 hours to make. The dress was 13 feet long and it had a veil that was around 16 feet.

If you are wondering about the ring it was a 12-carat diamond that cost around $1.5 million. No biggie!

10. Hillary and Bill Clinton were amongst the guests.


Hillary and Donald didn't know that they would be running for the president together back then 😅

Heidi Klum, Barbara Walters, Simon Cowell, and many other celebrities were also amongst the guests.

11. At the end of first year of their marriage, Barron Trump was born.


Barron enjoys wearing suits and ties. He even plays golf with his father. Barron is known for his resemblance to his father. Melania states that Barron is under the impression of his father's role on the TV show The Apprentice. He even fired his nannies one day! However, they eventually rehired the employees.

12. “I would be very traditional. Like Betty Ford or Jackie Kennedy. I would support him.”


On an interview she gave in 1999.

13. That day has arrived!

We'll see how Melania Trump performs as a First Lady after Michelle Obama. Only time will tell!

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