No Need For A Time Machine: Would You Like To Meet A 700-Year-Old British Man?


As technology develops, the past doesn't seem so long ago anymore. In research done by Cambridge and Dundee Universities researchers found a male body that is thought to be from the 13th century England. And with the advanced technology in hand, researchers were able to draw what he looked like on the computer. Let's see what kind of interesting information they have found.

He doesn't have a name. He is thought to be just an ordinary person living in England during the 13th century.

The researchers thought Context 958 would be a suitable name. It's a name that has no soul, but I'm sure you won't mind.

The main reason for the examination of Context 958 is a project named "After Plague."

In this study, the effects of the Black Death on the people of Europe, which affected Europe in the 13th century, were examined. The research was conducted around a large old graveyard in Cambridge. The site of the cemetery was used as a medieval hospital in the 13th century.

Given that it is 700 years old, it is thought that Context 958 was a resident of this hospital and one of those who died.

By the way, this hospital was a foundation-type institution that served the poor people who needed to be treated.

So it is possible to say that he died from the disease as a poor person.

What exactly did the research reveal?

First of all, his body has been examined and it has been revealed that he ate plenty of meat and fish in his life.

This is not a very common type of diet for a poor person who benefits from a foundation hospital.

At this point, as an exception, the possible job of the man is thought to be in this direction. fisherman, livestock farmer etc.

Here is the face of Context 958:

Uncovering these stories and recreating the face in a computer environment is important for us as human beings to discover how we overcame difficulties that we faced and what kind of processes we went through to come to this point.

The joint study of Cambridge and Dundee Universities is funded to last until 2021.

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