Nick Jonas And John Stamos Trolling Each Other Is One of The Best Bromances And It's Adorably Funny

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We love all the bromances and sisterhoods of celebrities. Nick Jonas and John Stamos also joined them by hilariously trolling each other on and on again. And everything started with a t-shirt....


Nick Jonas and John Stamos has one of the best bromances among celebrities. Like The Rock and Hart these two keep continuously trolling each other.

After Jonas Brothers announced that they're back together and will release a new album, John Stamos presented him being a fan of the Jo-Bros by wearing a t-shirt of them.

All things started after the photo captured by paparazzis, and Stamos proved again that he's a big fan of the trio by wearing again a t-shirt on the Red Carpet of American Music Awards.

And Nick Jonas did the same by carrying John Stamos on his chest very proudly. But not with any photo; the photo of John Stamos wearing a Jonas Brothers t-shirt.

And Stamos gave a shoutout to the band's new single "Sucker" with the caption of the photo himself laying on a custom pillow which Nick's face on it.

Nick Jonas took the photo and turn it into a big blanket, and kept continued the duo's trolls.

Fans got crazy....

...and impressed by their level of bromance.

Everyone hopes to see it coming!

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