New Year’s Eve Fashion With Photos Since The 1900s To Today

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New Year’s Eve celebrations are a tradition that has existed since (almost) the beginning of human history. During the last two centuries, the New Year’s culture has been moving pretty steady. But fashion constantly changes and shows its effects on New Year’s Eve also. You’ll easily understand once you look at these photos.

1. 1900s

Young people having fun while drinking some alcohol on NYE.

2. 1910s

People having a classy celebration in Times Square, NYC.

3. 1920s

People at a party at 12 AM.

4. 1930s

Flapper dancers in a NYE party.

5. 1940s

Young women totally reflecting the 40s fashion with their clothes.

6. 1950s

People finally happy after many wars.

7. 1960s

A dance party from the 1960s when the fashion totally changed.

8. 1970s

Again, a NYE dinner when fashion changed pretty fast.

9. 1980s

The 80s were the times when house parties became popular, along with color photos.

10. 1990s

People started to take more photos and videos as they had more access to technology.

11. 2000s

A street party from the 2000s, when the color red was popular and technology was all over.

12. 2010s

The age of smart phones; of course, we have them with us while celebrating NYE.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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