Never Leave Your Child In A Hot Car: A Man Left Raw Steak In Hot Car For Hours Cooks To Well-Done!


A pub worker left a piece of steak in a hot car for five hours and when he returned, he found it cooked: well-done!

One of the employees of the cafe have made an attempt to raise awareness about the dangers of the heat waves!

In their Facebook account, they shared three images, one of raw steak in a metal tin.

He left it in the car and when he returned found that the steak cooked to well-done!

He wrote: "Yesterday at 11 am I put a porterhouse steak in my car which was parked in the shade and left it until 4 pm. It was very well done upon my return."

And added: "With this heat wave please remember never to leave children, elderly or animals in the car. Always check on elderly neighbors, ensure your pets have a way to keep cool and cool drinking water."

The message is very clear: don't leave your children, things or animals in a hot car!

It can be very dangerous as you can see!

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