Nature's Very Own Genocide: Spiral of Death


Have you ever seen an army of ants walking in a continuously moving circle and wondered why they do it? What is the reason behind it and what happens to them at the end?

Lets take a closer look to this creepy natural phenomenon named Spiral of Death.

Ants leave pheromones behind as they walk.

By following these pheromones, other ants in the colony easily find their nests, sources of food and stay alerted about the dangerous areas.

And it gets more intense as the pheromones get stronger.

As more ants follow the pheromones, the amount of smell in the area also increases significantly, which causes more ants to join the group.

But things don't always go as planned.

Because this feature sometimes brings a terrifying result, named the “Spiral of Death.”

Here is how it happens:

Ants depend on each other to navigate. And when a lead ant loses its way and starts to make loops, other ants start to follow him.

At the end, they start an endless circle as the other ants in the army join the group over time.

The pheromone in the area increases so much that not even a single ant leaves the circle and continues to go around for hours.

And the result is terrifying for the ants.

The ants in the endless circle eventually die of exhaustion. Each the ant follows the ant in front of it until the whole army dies because it’s impossible for them to leave the circle.

Consequently, all that's left is a bunch of dead ant bodies.

All just some innocent victims of nature's fail.

Here's a video if you want to see them doing it in real life.

Nature can be very creepy sometimes...

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