Meet “Uncle Fatty”: The Chunky Monkey Who Indulges On Tourist Food In Thailand!


This 33lb long-tailed macaque weighs twice the normal weight of a macaque, and has been nicknamed as “Uncle Fatty.” Recently he has been put on a strict diet and made to run around with other animals!

Nicknamed 'Uncle Fatty,' the monkey had been fed by tourists in a Bangkok market.

He had been getting fed sugary melons, milkshakes, sweetcorn, and noodles, by visitors.

He developed an enormous belly before wildlife officials, who received reports from concerned locals, spotted him.

Uncle Fatty has now been rescued and taken for a health check and monkey 'fat camp' to try and reduce his weight to a more acceptable 17.5lb - normal for his species.

Thai primate conservation group 'Monkey Lovers' said today that Uncle was not sick - he was just fat - and wanted him returned to his friends.

Organizer, Kawinoat MongKholtechaphat, said: 'Uncle has got fat because he has just been eating everything that people give to him.'

'He's not sick, he just needs helps. He likes eating and there are lots of visitors and tourists who give him food all day.'

Kawinoat said that Uncle played an important role in the community of monkeys that roam free around the market in the Bang Khun Thian district.

He added: 'He's a leader to the younger monkeys. He teaches them important things, how to survive.'

'He's old now and likes to sit around eating a lot. We want the monkeys to stay roaming free outside where they are happy.'

The National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation have now transferred Uncle to a Nakhon Nayok wildlife rescue center some 100 miles away where he will receive health checks.

Kanjana Nittaya said: 'We believe the monkey is suffering from obesity because a great number of people come there and feed it. It is probably just sitting there and overeating.'

We hope this adorable monkey, Uncle Fatty, will lose weight soon become healthier... 

Source: Daily Mail

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