Meet The Person Behind The Sexiest Squat You'll Ever See!


Haven't you met Katarina yet? You should! She will be the motivation before your next workout session!

1. We should introduce you to Katarina Konow.

2. She is 23 and 1.74m / 5'7''.

3. She came in first on a Swedish beauty contest in 2012.

4. Are you surprised? Because we're not...

5. She is currently residing in Miami.

6. Apart from fitness modeling, she is a fitness trainer.

7. Exercise is a significant part of her life.

8. She started horseback riding when she was 15.

9. When she turned 18, she signed up for a modelling agency in New York.

10. This woman is not only beautiful...

11. She is also very sweet.

12. Her body is mind blowing!

13. It's hard not to be affected by her sexiest looks.

14. Damn!

15. She currently has around 60K followers on Instagram.

16. Looking good!

17. She is able to lift 103 kilograms while doing squats.

18. We're literally speechless against this beauty!


19. Finally, we would like to share a video of Katarina. In this video you can see Katarina squatting while carrying her friend on her back.

This video has over 10 Million views!

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