Meet Hollywood’s Latest Girl: Blonde Bombshell Margot Robbie!


A gorgeous woman and an enormously talented actress! We found it worth it to take a detailed look into this amazing woman’s life.. See our gallery to learn more about her!👇

1. Hot,

2. Sexy,

3. So damn cute,

4. And the one who we know from her role in the blockbuster movie Suicide Squad: Margot Robbie!

5. Born in 1990 in Australia,

6. This beautiful actress started her career in the 2000s with some Australian independent movies.

She had roles in many different Australian soap operas.

7. Even though she’s 26 years old, she's already earned 2 Logie Award nominations.

8. But we all recognized Margot from her role as Jordan Belfort’s (Leonardo DiCaprio) wife in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’

9. Her role and beauty got a lot of attention.

10. This past June, she played a key role in the movie ‘Legend of Tarzan’ as Tarzan’s wife, Jane.

11. And of course, she was offered tons of roles after!

12. Her latest movie, Suicide Squad is in the theaters now!

13. She’s playing the Harley Quinn character in the anti-hero movie by DC Comics.

14. Harley Quinn is an old mental-health professional.

15. So she's both sexy and bad 😈

16. She has a different kind of role in this movie, compared to her other movies.

17. So you shouldn’t miss it!

18. Definitely save the date. We’ll be watching the bad guys this time!! 😍

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