Man Spends £12,000 On 9 Sex Dolls But He Calls His Daughter!


A man spends thousands of pounds on a group of sex dolls which he calls his children and even hosts tea parties for!

60-year-old sees them like family! He is taking them on shopping trips to buy them clothes and even hosting tea parties for them!

He never told he never photographs his silicone 'daughters' naked.

Yu Zhenguo insists that he’s not a pervert, it's just his hobby!

He said: “it’s just like anyone else’s hobby. Some people love computer games, I love my silicone daughters.”

He warns that stranger shouldn't do the dirty deed with them because he expects his “children” to be treated with respect.

He told that when he and his son take one of his dolls out in the street “a man walked up and pinched her breast."

“My nineteen-year-old son shouted at him, and accused him of ‘being impolite to my sister’.” he added.

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