Look On The Bright Side: Lifelong Lessons You'll Learn From Getting Cheated


We know it sucks. Actually it sucks so hard. But shit happens and at least this list might help you get over with it

1. Being cheated balances your ego

2. Whar doesn't kill you makes you stronger

3. You learn not to trust anyone but yourself

4. It's a harsh lesson teaching you everyone is replacable

5. This will be your moment of rising from ashes

6. Your past mistakes will reveal themselves to you

7. It's an instant level up

8. Now you'll know how to stand on your feet truly

9. You will have a solid confidence


10. It will make you better at spotting the signs

11. You'll understand who is really a true friend

12. ...and your bond with them will get stronger

13. You'll learn how to pick the good outcomes of worst times

Bonus: It's like Ying Yang. You will have to find the otherside yourself

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