Jealousy Challenge: Can You Get Through This Brilliant Couple's Lifestyle?!


Let's learn a little more about Jay Alvarrez and his 18 year old girlfrend, Alexis Ren, who got famous with a viral video. It seems like this couple who got kissed by the sun have already discovered the most exotic places in the world. We can see their adventures by looking at their Instagram photos. The way they conquer Hawaii beaches, hike in the mountains, and fly in helicopters are some good evidence that their desire to travel the world together only gets bigger.

1. Meet with Jay and his girlfriend, Alexis.

2. When this Californian couple are not laying down under the sun,

3. They move to their next big adventure,

4. And travel the world together.

5. The couple proves that love doesn't have any limits.

6. Being in a relationship doesn't mean that you have to give up your adventurous personality.

7. When they glide above beautiful cities,

8. Jump out of an airplane,

9. Enjoy the waves,

10. Or when they lay down on the beach with their little friend,

11. The only thing that brings them together in their journey,

12. Is the memories they have together.

13. It doesn't seem like it took long for this couple to get to the airport and go on their next exotic adventure.

14. You can see them exploring beautiful coasts,

15. Taking selfies in the sea,

16. Climbing the rocks with a sea view,

17. Taking walks,

18. Or taking breaks from their journey.

19. All the adventures look awesome.

20. And proves that your soul mate is actually your travel buddy.

Let's remember the video to see more...

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