Is It Me Or Does This New Hair Cut On Katy Perry Make Her Look Like Justin Bieber?


Go around and tell everyone: Katy Perry made a big decision and cut her hair really short! When we look at these photos we compiled from BuzzFeed, it's going to be almost impossible for us to tell her apart from Justin Bieber. I guess in the world of fame, things don't always go as smoothly and you need big changes like this.


The singer started to shorten her hair and came out with a new face yesterday with a not so surprising decision.

Yesterday, Katy Perry chopped off her hair.

And people are pretty sure that she looks like Justin Bieber.

Let's take a look.

Bieber selfie angle: ✅

Bieber mirror pic: ✅

Bieber hoodie: ✅

Bieber slight smile: ✅

Yeah, maybe it's just a coincidence...

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