I'm SHOOK! 17 Celebrity Mugshots You Probably Didn't See Coming!


Can you imagine celebrities behind bars? Don't worry we gathered their mugshots from Lindsay Lohan to Chris Brown for you so now you can.

Source: https://www.seventeen.com/celebrity/g235...

17. Justin Bieber

In January 2014, Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach for driving with an expired license.

16. Scott Disick

When Scott was 18, he was arrested for driving with impaired by alcohol.

15. Lindsay Lohan

The Mean Girls star Lohan is familiar to the orange clothes. She has been arrested and sentenced to jail a burst of times for diffirent reasons: driving under the influence, possessing drugs, wrecking cars, mounting debt...

14. Nina Dobrev

Before the first episode of The Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev and three other cast members, Sara Canning, Candice Accola and Kayla Ewell were arrested for disorderly conduct.

13. Nicki Minaj

When Nicki was only 20 years old and waitressing at Red Lobster, The "Barbie Dreams" rapper was arrested for criminal possession of weapon.

12. Travis Scott

The "Goosebumps" rapper was arrested for inciting a riot, disorderly conduct, and endangering the welfare of a minor after one of his concerts in Arkansas last year. During his concert, he prompted the crowd to bypass security and rush the stage, injuring several people and causing safety concerns.

11. The Weekend

In 2015, the singer was involved in a fight. When the cops tried to break it up, singer punched the officer and was arrested.

10. Chace Crawford

He was arrested in Texas, in 2010. Chace was charged for drug possession during a routine traffic control.

9. Paris Hilton

Paris looks gorgeous in her mugshot because she has also had more than few run-ins with the law.

8. Blac Chyna

Chyna was arrested for public intoxication and drug possession in 2016.

7. Amanda Bynes

She is the another celeb who has had several interactions with the police. Amanda was arrested for driving under the influence in April 2012.

6. Naya Rivera

She was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery for allegedly hitting her ex-husband Ryan Dorsey.

5. Aaron Carter

The singer was arrested in Georgia for drug possession.

4. Bruno Mars

Bruno was arrested in 2010. Despite being charged with drug possession, he gave a huge grin for his mugshot.

3. Chris Brown

The singer was arrested just a few months ago for punching a man who tried to take a photo of him.

2. Shailene Woodley

She was arrested while protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline back in 2016, and charged with engaging in a riot and criminal trespassing.

1. Shia LaBeouf

He has had several interactions with police but this mugshot is from one in 2015. He was arrested for public intoxication.

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