Historical Discovery From NASA: The Most Significant Evidence Of Life Out Of Earth!


People have always been interested in space. Since the ancient times, we have always wondered what is going on out there. In more modern times, a lot of movies were made about space and the possibility of life in space. With the development of the technology, humankind was able to step foot on the moon. After that, the research just got bigger and bigger. Now NASA claims there may be life on the satellites of Saturn and Jupiter! Let's learn more!

As humankind, we have always looked far into the space wondering whether there are living beings like us in space in one way or another.


We always asked this question to ourselves, where is everybody?

This question has recently been a favorite of anyone who likes to interrogate and think deeply.


NASA seems to be the closest institution to find the answer to this question.

NASA announced last night that it had acquired some findings related to living things outside our world.


In the center of this expedition, there are the satellites of Saturn and Jupiter.

During an observation of the satellite of Saturn, Enceladus, they noticed for the first time that there was hydrogen gas coming from the surface .


Afterward, the observations made by the observing satellites we sent to the surface were examined more and an ocean was discovered under the ground of the Enceladus, whose surface was covered with ice.

The same is true for Europa, Jupiter's satellite.


It was also found that Europa had an ocean below ground and hydrogen emissions in the same way.

The way in which the release of hydrogen, namely hydrogen gas, occurs is the use of oxygen-nitrogen-phosphorus-sulfur compounds.


In short, it is understood that the hydrogen-oxygen-nitrogen-phosphorus-sulfur compounds, which are the hydrogen output, must form an organic feedstock, and that the framework of chemosynthetic life cycles around the world's oceanic basins and the environment around these bays constitute a very favorable condition for chemically energy-absorbing life.

In the depths of these oceans, there may be living creatures that don't need sunlight.


When we think on a macroscopic scale, a bacterium living in the deep ocean doesn't seem to be very important, but maintaining the life of small beings shows that the lives of the great beings can be sustained or sustained in the past.

Maybe in ancient times there was intelligent life in those satellites and it disappeared.


With the possibility of life in the past, those satellites could also be our new home when we have to leave our own planet in the future.

Because there are all the conditions necessary for the formation and operation of living things in those satellites.


Congrats NASA!

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