Here We Go Again! 12 Rumors About Apple's Next iPhone


Even die-hard iPhone fans have to admit that the AMOLED displays on other phones, particularly those from Samsung, look better than the LCD screens on iPhones. But if the rumors are true, iPhone fans may no longer need to make that admission, as Apple is reportedly looking to use a form of OLED display on the next iPhone. Just prepare your wallet, because OLED isn't cheap. But that's just one of the rumors we're hearing. Check out all the latest scuttlebutt surrounding Apple's next iPhone.

The iPhone 8 will mostly be made of glass with an aluminum frame.

This is what everybody's expecting. The iPhone 8's front won't have any bezels or borders, and it'll be one large display.

The home button will be invisible.

As mentioned above, there is a high possibility that the home key won't be available due to the screen. It's thought that functional space technology applied to the latest MacBook will be applied to the iPhone as well. The new model is predicted to look like the visual. On the iPhone 7, the home key was already made into the touch screen so it will not be surprising if it's removed in the next step.

There'll be a hidden front camera.

You might ask, "Where will the camera be if the whole front side is just screen?"  Yes, there will be a front camera, but among the rumors, it is said to be positioned in a secret way. Nevertheless, it is expected that technology that no one has ever tried could be tried with this camera.

The iPhone 8 could have facial recognition.

Apple's next iPhone could include "some form of facial/gesture recognition" powered by a "new laser sensor" with an infrared sensor on the front surface of the phone. In this context, it is already clear that the iPhone 8 will have advanced security features. But with the facial recognition system, they certainly promise more than a password.

There could be three different size options.

With the iPhone 6, the iPhone Plus concept seems to have moved to an even wider range with the iPhone 8. It is expected that the options of the new model will be 4.7, 5.0, and 5.5 inches.

It could have more space with curved edges.

The screen will wrap around the edges of the device. It sounds like a similar design concept as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

There may be a USB-C feature.

It is said that Apple could give up its own private interface, the Lightning connector, with this model. Instead, they might use the USB-C port, which has become standard on almost every new smartphone.

The numbering tradition may come to an end.

Unlike Apple's numbering tradition developed for the iPhone, this time rumor has it that they won't use the name 'iPhone 8' for the new phone. The evidence for this is Apple's recent development of the Apple Watch series where they broke that tradition.

The application that perceives every move will be presented to users for the first time.

Apple is said to be working on a new application that tries to understand every activity done in order to make life easier for its users. This application is also expected to be available for iPhone 8 users for the first time.

The iPhone 8 will support wireless charging.

It is now certain that Apple will take this step with the iPhone 8.

With smart connections, the reality of the phone is being enhanced.

It is also said that with a newly developed connection point, the iPhone can be synchronized with virtual reality or enhanced reality add-ons.

The price? Of course, it will be the most expensive iPhone.

The price of the iPhone 8 may be more than the initial $650 for each new model. Experts report that the price may be $1000.

We're really curious about what it's going to look like. 😁
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