Here Are The Most Popular Snacks From 18 Countries Around The World!


Eating outside is almost always easier than preparing yourself a whole meal at home. Buzzfeed asked members of its community to tell them about the fast food that’s most popular in their country. Here’s what they said…

You’ll quickly realize that love of fried chicken is universal. Apart from that, you’ll find many other delicious looking food that people eat on the go!


1. The Philippines: Jollibee

The Philippines' most popular fast food place does all the regulars, like burgers and fried chicken (which is called Chickenjoy, so you know it's good). But, most importantly, they also do spaghetti. Spaghetti!

2. Nepal: Momos

Little dumplings of either steamed or fried goodness, usually filled with meat – pork, chicken, and lamb are popular – vegetables, or cheese, and served with tomato-based sauce.

3. Australia: Hungry Jack's

Hungry Jack's is basically Australia's answer to Burger King (they're owned by the same company). But they do burgers with hash browns on them. So it's better.

4. El Salvador: Pollo Campero

Any Salvadoran will tell you Pollo Campero is ~the~ place to go for fried chicken – but they also do things like empanadas and Latin American–inspired desserts and drinks.

5. The Netherlands: Frikandel

Basically a minced meat hot dog, but deep fried and served without a bun. In the Netherlands, it's usually served with chopped onions and, of course, a LOT of mayonnaise.

6. South Korea: Nene Chicken

Nene Chicken is affectionally nicknamed Korean Fried Chicken (KFC – get it? GET IT?), and it basically does a whole bunch of different flavours of chicken. One of the flavours is called "snowing cheese", and I don't exactly know what that is, but I want to.

7. United Kingdom: Fish and Chips

Deep-fried fish, thick-cut chips, and – more often than not – mushy peas. If you're not eating it on the beach at risk of being attacked by a seagull, you're not doing it right.

8. Barbados: Chefette

Chefette is the biggest fast food chain in Barbados and is famous for its broasted chicken meals and rotis – wraps filled with a mix of chicken, beef, or potato.

9. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Ćevapi

A type of flatbread filled with chopped onions and ćevapi, which is minced beef or lamb formed into a sort of sausage shape. It's most often topped with pepper and sour cream, but feta cheese is also an option.

10. Southern US: Bojangles'

Bojangles' is like a religion to people in the southern States. They're famous for their fried chicken and biscuits, and they also do southern classics like mac and cheese, coleslaw, and grits.

11. United Kingdom: Greggs

Greggs is an incredibly important British institution that serves cheap pasties (a baked pastry, filled with meat/vegetables/glory), sweet pastries, and cakes, usually for around £1 or less.

12. India: Chaat

A savoury Indian street food made with a variety of ingredients – most often chickpeas, potato, and crispy fried bread, with toppings like chopped onions and yoghurt.

13. Nigeria: Chicken Republic

Chicken Republic is Nigeria's largest chain of fried chicken restaurants – you can get classic spicy fried chicken with a huge scoop of fried or jollof rice.

14. Argentina: Choripán

A grilled chorizo sausage, sliced down the middle and served in a bread roll (choripán = chorizo + pan). You can find them served in most Argentinian restaurants, but the best way to eat one is from a street vendor.

15. Canada: BeaverTails

They ~do~ make the classic Canadian cuisine of poutine, but what BeaverTails is most well known for is a pastry called a beavertail. It's fried dough, topped with a variety of sweet goodness and stretched out to form a shape like – you guessed it – a beaver's tail. Obviously.

16. Malaysia: Bitanok

A Malaysian street food that's kind of like a cake, made by blending up corn with some sugar, wrapping it back up in the corn husk, and steaming it.

17. Belgium: Fries

Look, if you don't know what fries are, I don't know what to tell you. But Belgian ones are served hot, in a paper cone, with a LOT of salt and a LOT of mayonnaise.

Turkey: Wet Burger ("Islak Hamburger")

Late-night crowds go wild for the delicious Islak "wet burgers" of Istanbul's Taksim Square. The burger is "wet," because it's doused with an oily, tomato-based sauce.

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