Here Are 16 Super Happy Animals To Warm Your Cold Dead Heart Today!


If a happy, joyful, and energetic animal doesn’t warm everyone’s heart, I don’t know what will. Just look at them and feel better for the rest of the day!

You can click on the titles to watch the whole videos.

1. This dog just got adopted but he can’t believe it!

2. This dog has only 2 legs, but runs joyfully and playfully on the beach.

3. Her human just came back from military service. Look how happy she is!

4. A formerly blind dog, Duffy, seeing his family after surgery!

5. He was rescued from a laboratory in Nevada.

6. Famous primatologist, Jane Goodall, recognizes her old friend from the forest!

7. Piper the Husky meets Lily the newborn baby!

8. He found love in his new family, and two new legs, too!

9. The world's cutest sea otter Pup is learning how to swim!

10. After living under a dumpster for 11 months, this dog gets rescued and goes from sad to HAPPY!

11. Happy cows skipping out onto grass for the first time!

12. A mother dog is elated after reuniting with her puppies!

13. These two guys purchased a lion in 1969 in order to release him back to the wild later on. Here’s their reunion after all those years!

14. This adorable dog got prosthetic legs after a horrific sword attack.

15. He was found by his owner after two years!

16. Chimpanzees, Doll and Swing, still recognize their old friend, Linda Koebner, after 18 years!

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