Heartbreaking Illustrations Of The Beloved Stars We Lost In 2016


They inspired many of us, they meant so much. We had to say goodbye to a lot of stars in 2016. Martin Bruckner is the name behind these meaningful illustrations.

Martin Bruckner has a blog named ‘Spaghetti Toes’ where he illustrates the funny things kids say.

His 3-year-old daughter was his inspiration to start the blog.

But lately he has been using his talent to honor all the stars we lost last year.

Like Prince.

Incredibly talented Carrie Fisher...

And her mom Debbie Reynolds, who is just as talented.

Alan Rickman, who rocked all the villains he played.

He remembered the incredible Gene Wilder.

And Muhammad Ali; ‘The Greatest.’

Our favorite TV dad Alan Thicke...

And our favorite TV mom, Florence Henderson.

Music legend David Bowie, with all the magnificence of the 70s..

Leonard Cohen, a real musician..

And unforgettable George Michael, whose death was the hardest for Bruckner.

“I loved his music when I was a kid. I used to feather my hair up, grab a pair of sunglasses, close my bedroom door and sing ‘Faith’ as loud as I could.”

And he also remembered Star War’s R2-D2 Kenny Baker and Alf from an incredible sitcom, Michu Meszaros.

“These people meant so much to so many, including myself,” Bruckner said. “I just wanted to pay tribute to them the only way I knew how.”

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