Have You Ever Wondered What The Color Of A Mirror Actually Is?


Everybody must have thought about this. What color is the item we use to reflect the lights and colors? And it isn't like we can turn of a mirror for a while to see. Well, that's why we have smart scientists to figure out the ways to discover interesting phenomenon! Let's see what color mirrors actually are!

Let us begin with by saying that a perfect mirror does indeed have no color whatsoever.


And before you get your hopes down, let us also add that no mirror that has ever been produced in the world is perfect. That's why they also absorb some amount of the light that hits them. As this amount is pretty small, we don't notice any difference.

Scientists investigated what the color is that is reflected most by a mirror.


And to establish that they used white light, which is the combination of all colors. According to the measurements, they found out that mirrors reflect the color with 510-nanometer wavelength better than others.

And when we look at light spectrum, we see that the color with 510-nanometer wavelength is green.


Every mirror we see, then, reflects green lights better than the others, which makes mirrors technically and slightly green.

You can also try this at home.


Or maybe you already have. You should place two mirrors opposite to each other, which will create a phenomenon called 'mirror tunnel.'

With every reflection, you see that the colors in your 'mirror tunnel' fade away more and more.


However, as green is the color of light that is reflected best by a mirror; while other colors slowly fade away, green stays on. Hence, the deepest images, which are also at the center of the 'mirror tunnel' were fully green. Try and see it for yourself.

And that's the scientific explanation for the color of mirrors.

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