The Future Is Here! A Skyscraper That Will Hang From An Asteroid


Just when you thought skyscrapers couldn’t get any taller, a clever group of architects has designed one that reaches space. According to the news on, this skyscraper will be the first of its kind and it's going to be the tallest one that has ever been built. But the question is, who will clean the windows?


The Analemma Tower won't be grounded on terra firma, like other buildings. New concept art for the futuristic structure, courtesy of a New York design firm, illustrates how the structure would be built on a asteroid that circles the globe from outer space.

Analemma will be the tallest building ever created.

The asteroid, from which Analemma pierces through the clouds to Earth, would travel thousands of miles each day between the northern and southern hemispheres in a figure-of-eight infinity loop.

Its perpetual journey would culminate in a daily pass over New York City.

Clouds Architecture Office has proposed the tower will house residences and offices, powered by space-based solar panels, constantly exposed to sunlight due to the curvature of the Earth.

If the proposal ever comes to fruition, the only question remaining would be the matter of who cleans the windows on this eco-tower.

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