Forget Everything You Know About Anatomy: We Have A Brand New Organ!


We are used to hearing about new discoveries when it comes to physics, astronomy and biology; however most of us think that we pretty much know everything that there is about human anatomy. Well, we've been proven wrong! Scientists have found a brand new organ in our abdominal area: the mesentery! The tissue's existence was already known, but the fact that it is a separate organ has pretty much rocked everybody's world!

Let's stat with what it is:

The Mesentery, which is also known as the abdominal cavity lining consisting of blood and lymph vessels, keeps the small intestines attached on the abdominal wall and also makes sure that the other organs in the area stay in their places.

We actually have Leonardo da Vinci to thank for introducing us to the mesentery.

It was first described by him and believed to be an unimportant link for centuries. The mesentery, which consists of a couple of different structures, was taught to be a fragmented structure.

The latest research, however, suggests that the mesentery is not a fragmented structure, but a continuous organ.

The articles written to call for a reclassification of this organ were published in The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology magazine.

Mesentery, which was first discovered at the University Hospital Limerick, Ireland; was something that anatomy science got wrong for a century.

Calvin Coffey, professor of surgery and deputy director of the University Hospitals Limerick:

The anatomic description that had been laid down over 100 years of anatomy was incorrect.

Although the structure of the organ is well-known, there is yet no idea about its function.

The more studies are conducted on the digestive system, the more we will know about this organ. As a result of these studies, it is expected that key findings and solutions to some digestive system diseases will be found.

This new classification actually means a new field of research in medicine.

When researchers figure out the function of this organ, they will also be able to detect abnormal functions easily; and therefore establish the diseases related to it. That's how you get a new field of research!

The crew of the famous TV series 'Grey's Anatomy' updated their scenario according to this amazing finding!

Moreover, the Gray's Anatomy book was also edited and med students have already started learning that the mesentery is a separate organ on its own.

We still have so much to learn and discover, even in our own bodies.

Take great care of yourselves!

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