Feel Dizzy: These 20 Optical Illusions Will Make Your Head Spin!


These optical illusions make you question what is real. Get ready to freak out.

Source: https://thechive.com/2018/10/15/weird-op...

1. Dizzy, right?

2. Let me tell you something. The wheels are not turning!

3. It is not convex.

4. 😵😵😵

5. Bright light is coming from the center!

6. And this one appears to wave!

7. Scroll this picture up and the squares will rock!

8. It's just a regular cup.

9. Does the square get bigger?

10. What do you see? A Chinese temple? Or something else?

11. This is not a gif, but looks like it.

12. Glittering stars ✨✨

13. And the letter are not tilted, dont believe in acuity.

14. In reality, the skin colour of the girl is the same!

15. All hearts are grey!

16. 1) Look at green lines. 2) Move your head. 3) Freak out.

17. Nope, not a spiral.

18. 😵😵😵

19. Circles are motionless!

20. The colour of the hearts is actually red.

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