Fans Speculate Why Barbie Ferreira Won’t Return to ‘Euphoria’

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> Fans Speculate Why Barbie Ferreira Won’t Return to ‘Euphoria’

Euphoria is a 2019 teen-drama series that has run for two seasons on HBO Max. The show was chiefly written and produced by Sam Levinson and Zendaya, alongside Future the Price, Hadas Lichtenstein, Ravi Nandan, Daphna Levin, Kevin Turen, Ron Leshem, Jim Kleverweis, Timira Yardeni, Yoram Mokady, Gary Lennon, and Mirit Toovi as co-chief producers. 

In a nutshell, the series follows dramas that occur in ordinary teen life, like drugs, young love, sex, crazy parties, murders, and much more.

Barbie Ferreira Won’t Return to ‘Euphoria’ Season 3

On the brighter side, Euphoria has already received its third season renewal, although no particular launch date has been stated. Unfortunately, the upcoming season will miss the presence of the bold Barbie Ferreira's character Kat Hernadez. 

On August 24th, Ferreira took it to her verified Instagram account to bid farewell to her beloved image, Kat, under a caption, “After four years of impersonating Kat, it’s time to bid a sorrowful farewell. I hope she brought you watching her grow to the character she is now and see yourselves in her as I did. I also hope you can feel all the love and care I put on her. Love you, Kat Hernandez.”

Why Did Kat Hernandez Leave ‘Euphoria’?

Neither Ferreira, the creators, nor HBO Max has stated the reasons for her sudden exit, but fans will always have one or two speculations from who-knows-where. Several of them have taken it to various social media platforms to blame Sam Levinson for Ferreira’s quit. 

Unapproved rumors and the creator have had an intense disagreement throughout the four years of the contract. The most recent speculation surfaced in 2022, during the launch of Euphoria season two, with Ferreira leaving the stage after filming. Later, Levinson dropped some of her lines from the script. Other reasons are that Levinson’s attempt to manage Ferreira’s eating disorder triggered her exit. 

It doesn’t end there; there have been several complaints concerning the series’ management system, characterized by demanding aesthetic necessities, poor food provision on-job, few bathroom breaks, and long working hours. 

Although Ferreira has already pulled down the post regarding her exit, her words still count- fans never forget- all these remain speculations until factually proven. The cam-girl character later cleared the rumors in an interview and still seems to be on good terms with her fellow Euphoria characters.  

Other characters that will miss the upcoming season three include Ash Tray (portrayed by Javon Walton).

Where to Watch ‘Euphoria’ Seasons 1 & 2

Euphoria seasons one and two are available for streaming on HBO Max for the subscribers. The streamer charges $9.99 (with ads) or $14.99 (for ads-free) monthly subscriptions.