Effects Of Long Term Cocaine Use On The Body Explained By Doctors


Obviously, we all know cocaine is not healthy. But how well do you know what cocaine is and what it does to your body, especially in the long term? We summed up the effects of cocaine on the body in 8 facts, explained by doctors. After reading it, you may want to pass it to the next party.

1. Psychiatrist Dr. Adam Winstock, founder of the Global Drug Survey is one of the leading researchers on the topic.


“Doing a gram of coke every weekend is not healthy, nor can it even really be called casual or average use, Cocaine is a vasoconstrictor – it makes the heart pump faster while narrowing the blood vessels,” Winstock sums it up as; “It’s like putting your foot on the accelerator while pinching the fuel line. He states that snorting cocaine also increases your risk of getting Hepatitis. “People also forget that sharing a rolled-up note that everyone is sticking into bloody nostrils can transmit Hepatitis C, which is a hardy little virus that lives outside the body for weeks.”

2. Here is what Dr. Henry Fisher thinks of Cocaine.


Dr. Henry Fisher, Head of Police at VolteFace, a magazine that searches for alternatives to modern policies relating to drugs says, “Doing cocaine every weekend is more dangerous than a chemical like MDMA.”

3. How much will cocaine harm your body?


" If you are a regular smoker over your 50s chances are you will be much more harmed than a 20-year-old using cocaine. However, may we remind you that cocaine WILL harm you in the longer run no matter what your age is. The method you consume the drug also plays a huge part in the level of harm you get from cocaine. "

4. Dr. Winstock on the Global Drugs Survey results:


" Global Drugs Survey has gathered information from 50,000 users worldwide, only 0.5 percent reported being hospitalized after having “acute reactions to the drug.” That number skyrocketed in countries where people do thicker lines. For example, in Brazil, cocaine users average only six lines per gram (compared to 10 lines global average), and they had 3.5 percent of users suffer serious reactions to the drug.” Dr. Winstock says, “So it’s fairly obvious that doing smaller, more frequent bumps is easier on the heart than railing massive fat lines.”

5. Cocaine’s effect on relationships:


Both doctors warn people of how using cocaine for a long time can lead to psychological and emotional problems. “As people use more and more, over longer and longer periods, relationships can start to fall apart,” Winstock says, “The user’s bank account drains, performance at work goes downhill, romantic partners get angry and friends begin to distance themselves – so they feel lonely and isolated, often leading them to do even more coke to get that false ego boost.”

6. The false confidence.


Dr. Henry Fischer states that using cocaine alters a person’s personality for the worse and it is usually too late when people realize this. Users get addicted to the false confidence that cocaine instills and they start using it more and more often just to function properly.

7. Neil Woods used to be an undercover narcotic police in U.K. for 14 years.


He says that the biggest problem with cocaine is mixing it with other drugs. For example, cocaine is usually consumed together with alcohol. Cocaine tolerates the consumption of more alcohol than your body normally takes. This does not only cause you to behave aggressively and unexpectedly, it also harms your health greatly. When alcohol and cocaine is mixed in the liver, they form a substance called cocaethylene. This chemical enhances and prolongs the effects of both substances.

8. It's not just about "cocaine."


There are 16 different chemicals in cocaine, the purity of the product is dependent on the location. However, U.K. has about 10% pure cocaine. A chemical called Levamisole is usually added in the production process. This chemical is used for preventing worms in farms and it harms the white blood cells of humans. Another harmful chemical in cocaine is called Lidocaine. This is a substance used by dentists and it has carcinogenic effects when used for long periods. Drug dealers use this chemical to add volume to their cocaine.

As you can clearly see, cocaine is just another harmful drug that you should avoid. It would take its toll on you without you realizing it. In the future, let's be healthy and stay away from harmful drugs.

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