Drop All The Subjects! Finland Is About To Revolutionize The World Of Education


Scandinavian countries continue to pioneer the world in human rights, democracy, freedom, and level of social development. Their policies against these subjects are surely inspiring and thought-provoking.

When it comes to education, all of the Scandinavian countries take the lead. However, Finland is one step forward when it comes to applying a successful education system.

Many types of research indicate that Finland has one of the most progressive education systems on Earth. However, Finnish people think that this is only the beginning. Finland is about to make a reform of their education system or as one might say this is the end of traditional education notion.

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As mentioned above, Finland is known for having one of the most developed education systems around the world.


However, according to Finnish people this is not enough.

Finnish people practice an education philosophy that would really change the whole sense of education.


Education professionals in Finland are considering droppin classic subjects from the syllabus. The students won't be studying subjects like physics, maths, literature, etc. anymore.


Finnish education professional Marjo Kyllönen explains the process as follows:

“There are schools that are teaching in the old-fashioned way which was of benefit in the beginning of the 1900s — but the needs are not the same, and we need something fit for the 21st century.“

What does this mean? What type of education model they are planning to apply?


Individual subjects will be replaced with events and phenomena in an interdisciplinary format.


For instance, World War will be analyzed through history, geography, and mathematics.

There will be a class named Working in a Cafe.


This class is especially developed for students to improve their communication skills alongside the subjects such as English and economics.

The students are going to decide which subjects they would like to take to improve themselves.


For instance, the student is not responsible for whole units on the syllabus of chemistry or physics. The student is only responsible for the parts that they would choose for themselves.

This way the students won't ever ask "What do I need to know this for?”

The changes in the Finnish education system aims to change the overall perspective of teacher-student communication.


The students will not be passive consumers of the lesson but rather will be the active participants in the debate by making small study groups.

The education system will eventually promote collective studying.


This situation will surely affect both teachers and the students. Teachers are expected to learn how to cooperate on different subjects.

Almost 70% of the teachers in Helsinki, started working on the new education system in order to make preparations and adjustments.


One should note that this whole change will not be underestimated. The teachers are going to get a raise on their salaries. 👌

This system will be introduced by senior students, who are 16 years old.


It is expected that the system will become fully functioning around the year 2020.

It's hard not to be impressed by the education system in Finland!👏👏👏


Hope the whole world takes inspiration from the adjustments that Finland is making to have a better education system! 🙏

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