Did You Ever Wonder What Ancient Egypt's Royal People Eat?


Ancient Egypt is still full of wonders. Dazzling architecture and the great civilization... 

And here are the things that the Royals of Ancient Egypt got to eat.

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Bread was a huge part of daily life for people in Ancient Egypt. The Royals, however, certainly had the highest quality breads available.


Beer was a staple in everyone’s diet in these times. Also like bread, Royals and Priests had access to the best brews available. They also drank huge amounts of wine. Female slaves would refill beers around the table when it's necessary.


Skilled hunters would hunt a variety of animals that inhabited in the area including hippos, gazelles, cranes and crocodiles.


The Nile provided a ton of fish but not everyone ate it the same way, and the Nobles ate their fish salted and preserved. This was such a beloved process, that only temple officials were allowed to legally prepare fish this way.


Sweets and sweeteners were highly coveted foods in Ancient Egypt. For those who can afford it honey, dates, raisins and other dried fruits were great treats.

Daily meals

Nobles and Royals had three or more meals a day, each consisting of vegetables, meat, grains, and beer/wine at every meal.

Butter and chese

It doesn’t sound like much, but to be able to have butter and cheese with your breads at this time was an important treat.

Here are some treats that were eaten by Ancient Egypt Royals:

Honey-roasted gazelle:

Spit-roasted duck with a sweet glaze:


Honey cakes:

Wine and wine and more wine:

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