David Beckham's Shocking E-mail Leaks Revealed The Dark Side Of The Star Player!


Former star player, David Beckham's email account was recently hacked. The e-mail hack revealed the real David Beckham and everyone is shocked!

1. David Beckham's personal e-mails were revealed to the public and his words on English companies as well as celebrities have completely shocked everyone in the UK.


2. "This money is mine!"


Prior to all these, David Beckham's name was included in the Football Leaks scandal, therefore, consultant Simon Oliveira asked David Beckham to donate 1 million dollars to UNICEF. David Beckham's response to the request was interesting. David stated that he didn't want to spend his personal wealth on an issue like this one. He also claimed that he would prefer to make an investment rather than donating 1 million dollars to a cause. David believes that if he doesn't donate this money to UNICEF, he would be able to keep it for himself.

3. Once more, Davide Beckham was asked to support UNICEF foundation's actions for Africa


In his e-mail, David states that he would only fly in business class and requested both way tickets for 6,685 Pounds.

4. David Beckham was advised to make a large amount of donations in order for him to be granted Knighthood.


Beckham describes the honors committee as "a bunch of c*nts" after he was overlooked for the honor.

5. David also talks behind possible professional partners' backs in his e-mails.


David states that he doesn't care for any of these partners and he is the source of decision making when it comes to making a business run.

6. Beckham was asked to choose a side on the Scottish Referendum. Beckham asks his advisors which side he should pick on the stated matter in order to be granted the Knighthood.


7. So far, only Beckham's publicist responded to allegations.


As one might expect, the publicist claimed that these e-mails to do not reflect the truth.

The publicist confirmed that the e-mail account of David Beckham was hacked. However, the content of the e-mails has been manipulated.

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