Couple Builds A Giant Bed To Accommodate All 8 Of Their Rescue Dogs


Those of us who have pets can easily identify with the situation Chris and Mariesa Hughes found themselves in one night. As the couple prepared for bed, all of their dogs decided to hop up and join them. Sounds familiar, right?

About six months ago, the couple spent yet another difficult night sharing their normal-sized bed with seven rescue dogs. That's when the upstate New York-based couple came up with a big idea. When the couple started to feel too cramped in their king-size bed, they decided to extend their bed instead of kicking the dogs out.

Why not create a humongous bed, the likes of which had never been seen before, that could comfortably fit the whole family?

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They have eight dogs of their own, and were struggling to get a proper night’s sleep with all of the dogs trying to fit in one bed.

"At nighttime, all of the dogs want to sleep on the bed and sometimes it becomes too cluttered, and we end up being pushed off of the bed or sleeping on the couch," said Chris Hughes. "So we built the mega bed."

Mike Ford, the furniture maker and dog lover hired to turn the Hughes' dream into reality, says: "I had to make some modifications in the design and start over on the headboard because it was so large. It wouldn't fit through the door in my shop."

And what a thing to behold! The megabed takes two mattresses — a king size up top and a full size turned sideways below. It's is a hair shy of 14 feet long, and 7 feet wide. The headboard is 6 feet tall.

The bed, which took six months to build, has built-in stairs for the older dogs who can't jump up so high, and roomy drawers, for the Hughes's to store blankets and bedding.

And the mega bed is pretty fancy, too: The bed is decorated with hand-carved paw prints, modeled on Ford's "very best buddy, Bailey" — who died last July at the age of 16.

"I added the dog print from my senior dog because they have such a heart for senior dogs themselves," said Ford.

Chris and Mariesa Hughes are founders of "The Mr. Mo Project," a non-profit that gets elderly and sick dogs out of shelters where they face a high risk of euthanasia, and places them in homes for the rest of their lives.

The Mr. Mo Project covers these dogs' medical and living expenses; and the "fospice" homes, as they're called, give them care and love.

The dogs all have their favorite sleeping spots!

Gremlin, a senior pit bull who is the couple's most famous dog, sleeps in the middle, often with her head on a pillow.

Pittie Sam sleeps under the covers, preferably between someone's legs. Stig, yet another pit bull, sleeps in the arms of Mariesa Hughes.

There's Quinn, the wire hair terrier who sleeps in bed but is not, according to Mariesa, "much of a spooner." Meatball the bull terrier is, and sleeps up against Chris.

A gray-faced greyhound named Money sleeps in bed on his back with his legs straight up in the air.

Mabel the elderly Chihuahua, the newest member of the family, is also a part-time bedmate. Being as she's so tiny and delicate, Mabel is later dispatched to a pack-n-play next to the bed, where she won't get smushed during the night.

Even with this crowd, there's plenty of room left for the Hughes, who report feeling extremely refreshed and well-rested, for a change. So much so, there's talk that the mega bed may even be able to accommodate yet another couple of rescue dogs.

"I’m sure it could," said Mariesa. "And I’m sure one of these days we will find out."

Moral of the story: All is well when the pets are well.

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