Carousel In China Blasted By Animal Lovers For Using Real Horses!


A carousel in China has been filmed using real horses and it has sparked fierce criticism from animal rights campaigners and critics.


A carousel in China is slammed after it was filmed using real horses on its merry-go-round.

Heartbreakingly, it shows four horses harnessed to metal frames and made to walk around on a motor-driven platform.

It expectedly has sparked fierce criticism from animal lovers.

A sign near to the ride reads: "Different from traditional wooden horses, you can really experience the fun on horseback and let your child indulge. Let you and your child be brave."

A manager told that this ride isn't cruel to animals.

He said: "If we don't tie up the horses, how do we control it and ensure people's safety? This location is not a pasture, we can't let the horses run wild."

After video were shared online, one wrote: "Do not try to justify animal abuse. You are making money out of mistreating animals."

Another wrote: "If you want to ride a horse, you can go to a professional riding stable. The horse is not a toy. This is too inhuman."

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