Awesome Facts About Lefties That You Didn't Know!


What do you think is the difference between lefties and right-handed people? Do you think it comes with its advantages or disadvantages? Why are there so few left-handed people? Unilad set out to answer some questions about left-handed people and we are bringing it all to you!

Left-handed people are quite rare. Only 10% of the world's population are left-handed.

Nobody knows why this is the case. Some scientists think that lefties simply lack the 'gene for directly using the right hand' but nothing has been proven yet, including the existence of such a gene.

Considering all of the products and items that are made for right-handed people, you might think that it is tough on lefties, don't you?

Yes, being left-handed has its challenges, but also many advantages!

It definitely has its advantages in sports.

Lefties dominate one on one sports such as tennis, box, baseball, and shooting, etc. They get to discover and adapt to the strategies against right-handed people.

Left-handedness is observed in twins more often.

The likelihood for twins to be left-handed is twice as likely. If both parents are lefties, the possibility that their children will also be lefties is 50%. However, if both parents are right-handed, the likelihood that their children will turn out to be left-handed significantly drops to 2%.

Moreover, statistics show that the older the mother is, the more likely it is the child will be left-handed.

Lefties are more prone to suffer from breast cancer.

Left-handedness could be a symptom that the inner womb is exposed to more estrogen than normal, which increases the risk of breast cancer, especially post menopause.

Left-handedness has also been linked to mental illnesses.

Studies have shown that 40% of schizophrenia patients are left-handed. Other results include the fact that left-handedness is associated with dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, and mood disorders.

And lastly, sleeping problems.

In a 2011 University of Toledo survey of 100 sleep clinic patients, the research found that 94% of lefties have experienced disruptive limb movements during sleep, as opposed to 69% of righties.

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