As Every TV Show Seems To Have A Reboot, We Thought These Should As Well!


Perhaps we all would watch a Friends remake. With the original cast, of course.

As you know, Sabrina The Teenage Witch got a reboot!

The 90s TV series was based on the Archie comic is back as The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina!

The much-hyped reboot of 80s super soap Dynasty also arrived on Netflix!

Paramount Network also scrapped its Heathers reboot, based on the cult movie!

Here are the TV shows we thought that they need a remake:

1. Glee


3. Scrubs

4. Saved by the Bell

5. Sex and the City

6. Ugly Betty

7. Gossip Girl

8. The O.C.

9. Smallville

10. Friends

Which TV shows you suggest to have remakes apart from these ones. Make a comment...

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