9 Things You Need to Completely Remove From Your Life To Prevent Animal Torture


Everything is just about being a little human; To not destroy nature, to be conscientious, to respect other living things. We don't think that if you don't do any of the 9 items, you'll feel you're half a person, so take all of them out of your life so that you also help animals.

1. Going to the zoo.


They are the fields that were established for people to see different kinds of animals living on earth.

The reality


These places that you only go to see once in a while are commercial places. Minimum living conditions for animals are created. Also keep in mind that none of these animals' natural living environment include cages.

2. Going to a circus.


Amazing performances of animals and harmony with people are displayed as a game.

The reality


Those behaviors that you just follow for a few minutes and are astonished are, of course, against the nature of that animal. Animals don't learn to react to hand gestures the easy way. Animals that don't act correctly are tortured by hunger or exposure to physical pain.

3. Riding a horse drawn carriage


Isn't it fun to visit the horse drawn carriage which is designed as a small city tour as well as the tourist attractions of the historical places in every place you go? Not to us!

The reality


Those animals walk from early in the morning until late at night, under sunlight, without any rest. They're fed enough to live and stay strong, nothing more. After a while, they can't put up with it anymore and die.

4. Watching bull fighting.


Isn't it astonishing to see how the master matadors are calm in the face of the huge, powerful, and angry bull with swift motion?

The reality

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After the animal has been made wild and done its part for the show, its blood gradually begins to flow. When there is a danger of mortality for any matador, it is killed without any mercy.

5. Wearing real furs


Though it is no longer a 'sign of wealth,' the natural fur products are still being used extensively. "What is it?" If you ask, take a look at the article immediately below!

The reality


Those animals are hunted for their precious furs. Maybe you won't believe it, but some animals' fur are taken off before they die. Just think about what kind of pain can be for a second ... From leopard to ducks and seal fish, dozens of kinds of animals are being killed just for their fur!

6. Buying pets from petshops


Don't say "what's that gotta do with it." You just don't realize that you are buying animals that you'll see for a couple of hours and a day to close to a house and create new prisons for them.

The reality


If you want to look after animals, the streets and animal shelters are full of previously bought and then abandoned animals, you could at least benefit them.

7. Hunting


Hunting is definitely not a sport or a hobby.

The reality


To hit live targets with the latest technology firearms to satisfy yourself is just being satisfied with the controlled suppression of the repressed violence.

8. Watching animals fighting or playing bets.


Neither is more innocent than the other. Those animals are left hungry for days, they are made aggressive and aggravated just to you can watch them fight in 'pleasure' and bet.

The reality.

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If it's 'lucky' and doesn't die, or if it doesn't need expensive treatment a period of healing that lasts for days or weeks begins. In this period, the fights are taken again according to the weight of the wound. Just think...

9. Buying fittings like ivory


After all, aesthetically it is not very beautiful? The one who wears it is also attracting attention. It is also a very expensive and stylish image.

The reality

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Start caring how those things you put on are made! Huge animals are just being massacred for the 'taste' of people!

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