28 Psychological Facts That'll Leave You As Light As A Bird After Learning Them!

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> 28 Psychological Facts That'll Leave You As Light As A Bird After Learning Them!

Our mind is deep, almost like it's endless. It's also very dark. There are many things we do without realizing and there are also so many that we don't do but we should. Little stuff in life makes us feel happy we just have to realize that. All in all, love is the base of our happiness and we must keep that in mind at all times. I don't know if this is the recipe of a jolly life but I'm sure they'll be of some help.

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1. Psychology says that people are not afraid of loving, but afraid of not being loved when they do.

2. Nobody in the future will remember when you're right. But if you are wrong, nobody will forget.

3. Maturity is the ability to stop yourself when you become really angry and feel like having an outburst.

4. The person who you can't stop thinking about before sleeping is either your light of happiness or the one that drowns you.

5. Being ignored triggers the same reaction as physical pain in your brain.

6. Don't worry about the future. It hasn't happened yet.

7. Respect yourself enough to move away from the things that bother you.

8. It is hard to say goodbye to someone you don't want to leave. But it's harder to say stay to the person who you know will go.

9. Know the value of people who care about you. One day you will think you lost a diamond while trying to collect rocks.

10. Did you do stupid things? Don't be sad. Now when you're older, you have memories to look back on and smile.

11. Don't let these three things control your life: people, money, and past experiences.

12. No one born blind has become a schizophrenic.

13. You'll see 'happy couples' when you're alone and 'happy lonely ones' when you're with someone.

14. If you fell in love with someone, it would be very hard for you to lie to that person.

15. Good liars are also good at recognizing the lies of others.

15. Good liars are also good at recognizing the lies of others.

16. Life is weird. At first, people are strangers. Then they become friends. Then they'll be more than friends. Then they become strangers again.

17. One of the most psychologically devastating things is when someone you care about stops believing in you.

18. One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that you mean something to somebody.

19. A good relationship is founded on two things: knowing the value of similarities and respecting differences.

20. If the feelings you have for someone are 'true,' they'll always be somewhere inside you. Even if you don't want to see that person's face anymore, you will continue to care about that person.

21. Apologizing doesn't always mean you're wrong. It indicates that you care about your relationship more than your ego.

22. Right now, maybe you're hoping for something that will never happen.

23. Let the sun shine on your face! People who spend time under the sun are happier than those who don't.

24. Don't be afraid of change. It's difficult to leave good things behind, but more beautiful things can replace them.

25. You like some songs more than others because they have tied your memories together.

26. Appearance is deceptive. If you don't look carefully enough, salt will look like sugar.

27. The distance isn't the absolute killer of relationships. You don't have to see a person every day to love him/her.

28. Make people your priority who make you their priority.

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