24 UnBEARably Adorable Pictures of Momma Bears With Their Cubs


Everybody learns from somebody, and that somebody is usually our parents. And as you can see from these adorable pictures, bears are absolutely no different! Compiled by Bored Panda, the un-bear-ably cute list features momma bears showing their cubs all about the bear necessities of life.

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1. Majestic fluff... 😍

2. 😍😍😍

3. "Look mum! Now you have a tail!"

4. "No mum, don't kiss me in front of my friends... yuk!"

5. Nappy time 😍

6. “Ok son today's lesson: how to squeeze a fish." 😊

7. SMOOCH mama!!! <3

8. Spider man, spider man... "Get down Ethan!" - momma

9. 😊

10. "Someday son, this will all be yours" 😎

11. Like a real teddy bear!

12. 😊😍

13. ♥

14. 🐻

15. What a beautiful sleep with mom !!!

16. The bear-cub student exchange programme

17. Time for Mr. Tickles!

18. "Can I get a hand here mom?" 😊💞

19. 😴


21. Quality time for the entire family!

22. 🐾

23. "Yes baby, I know it's not the North Pole, but we will have to make do..."

24. Look at that smile!

Sooo much affection!!😍

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