22 Traits of Nostalgic People Who Don't Belong To This Century


Those were the days, my friend. How many times have you told yourself you belong in an another century? Nowadays, everything is artificial. We're longing for the times where the grass was greener. 

That's why we wanted to talk about nostalgic people and their 22 distinctive traits.

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Frank Sinatra - My Way (Instrumental)

1. Everything was much brighter.

2. Love was more exciting,

3. And music had more soul.

4. They know that life is not behind their screens.

5. It is on the streets.

6. Material things are not important.

7. It's the feelings that matter.

8. They don't run away when it's raining. "What a glorious feeling and I'm happy again!"

9. They know that expectation leads to disappointment.

10. They are happy with the smallest things.

11. They are not crazy about how many likes they get on Instagram.

12. They live life to the fullest.

13. They feed their longing for the past by reading. Poetry and literature are their favorite.

14. They do not prioritize comfort.

15. Train journeys, where they watch the world go by, are better than anything else.

16. Happiness is only real when shared.

17. That's why they do their best to make their loved ones happy.

18. You do not need buy expensive gifts to make them happy.

19. A music box or a second hand book is enough to steal their hearts.

20. The past times make them hold on to life but they know how to let things go.

21. Even the sun burns their eyes at times, they never forget that life has a bright side.

22. They embrace life with all of its colors.

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