21 Reasons Why Living In A Van Is The Best Life Choice!


You should sell your house and buy a van instead.

1. "You can loft your bed for more space, especially if you need to bring bikes along for your adventure."

2. "Or add a platform with some drawers for extra storage."

3. "Subway tile, upper cabinets, and a magnetic knife rack will turn your van into the more attainable version of the farmhouse kitchen of your dreams."

4. "Install a pull-out cooking surface for mountainside meals on the go."

5. "This van owner seems to have their priorities in order."

6. "You can also create more cooking surfaces using fold-out shelves."

7. "And more sleeping surfaces, too."

8. "Seriously, people can get so creative with their pull-outs and fold-downs and whatnot."

9. "Wanna see something really clever? There are actually slots under this bed for..."

10. "A table that pulls out!"

11. "This sweet little dining table set up becomes..."

12. "A BED!!"

13. "This is the most deluxe tailgating setup I've ever seen."

14. "I'm living for that tiny shoe compartment."

15. "This van owner decorated the place with plants and it looks downright spacious."

16. "Make your ride a little eco-friendlier by installing solar panels."

17. "These slide out bins provide a ton of extra storage."

18. "If chilling out is more your thing, here are 3 genius ways to install a hammock:"



21. "Imagine the picnics you'll have...."

22. "And the movie nights in the woods."

23. "You'll definitely want a blank "wall" and a projector."

"Basically, your new backyard awaits you."

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