21 Facts Proving That Nikola Tesla Was Way Ahead Of His Time!


Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor, physicist and expert in electrophysics.  He was born in Similijan (a village in today's Croatia) in 1856. He had an extraordinary memory and spoke 6 languages. He spent 4 years working on math, physics and mechanics at Graz University of Technology, in Austria. 

His scientific contributions are many and of great importance. We surely can't tell you about everything, but here are 21 pieces of information we think you didn't know and will find interesting.

1. We rarely come across his name in textbooks, although the many experiments and inventions he made could entirely and fundamentally change the scientific and technological structure of the world.


Especially the fact that he invented and proved the phenomenon of conducting electricity without wires is enough to show how unique of an inventor he was.

2. Most people think that Marconi invented radio, Rontgen discovered X rays, and Forest the vacuum tube amplifier. Also, there are few people who know that Tesla invented florescent lamps, neon lights, the speedometer, the firing system in automobiles, electron microscopes, microwave ovens and did the ground work for radar.


AC current generators and engines, MRI, laser and technologies, as well as 'earthquake machines" were created thanks to the theories developed by Tesla.

3. When Tesla first came to the USA in 1884, he started working for Thomas Edison. Edison hadn't taken the patent for the light-bulb and was still in need of a system to distribute electricity.

Edison had just invented the incandescent bulb and was working on a system to transfer electricity. He asked for Tesla's help and promised a nice amount of money to Tesla if he managed to deliver a solution to this problem. Tesla, who was indeed able to solve the problem and saved Edison a million dollars, never received the promised amount.

4. Although Edison invited Tesla to his deathbed to apologize from him, Tesla declined Edison's last wish thinking it would be wiser to work on inventions for humanity rather than to listen to Edison's twaddling.


5. Nikola Tesla was the first person to claim that electricity can be spread from a source and be transmitted in very large amounts without any wires. Later on, he proved this hypothesis with the experiments he conducted.


And this is the photo of him holding a wireless burning bulb.

6. Tesla's dream was to provide free energy to the world. In 1890, Tesla started working on the tower named Wardenclyffe, which did wireless broadcasts, thanks to the $150,000 provided by J.P. Morgan.


This tower was going to connect the telephone and telegraph systems in the world. Moreover, it would broadcast pictures, information about the stock market and weather forecasts globally. Unfortunately, once Morgan figured out that it also meant providing free energy to everybody, he stopped financing this project.

The world saw him as a freak after the transmission of pictures and sound, which had never been heard of before.

If Morgan hadn't stopped supporting him on that day, people today would be able to use free, wireless electricity.

7. His most important project was wireless energy transmission. It was in the records that he was able to light 20 bulbs with no wires, from a distance of 25 miles.


8. He said the following on alternating current:


As long as the frequency is high, the alternating currents are emitted through the surface of the skin without causing any damage. However this isn't something that amateurs can accomplish. Miliamperes that can penetrate the skin can be deadly, but the amperes on the surface do not cause any damage in a short amount of time. The low amperes that can go through the skin, however, can cause death no matter if they are a direct or alternating current.

9. He had already been using a florescent lamp even 40 years before industry "invented" it.


The first examples of modern neon lights used to be used in shapes of the names of famous scientists in exhibitions and conventions.

10. While Ford was showing off his first motor vehicle, Tesla visited him and told him that he didn't need that big of an engine. However, seeing himself as the more superior man, Ford didn't listen to Tesla, which led Tesla to invent the ignition system and show it to Ford.


But as always, his bad luck showed up again: Ford took the patent for the ignition system and started using it.

11. He then introduced the first remote controlled boat modal at Madison Square Garden in 1898. Hence, we can also thank Tesla for the remote controlled planes, cars, boats and even TVs!


He put filled water in the middle of the area, where the conventional electricity fair took place and Barnum-Bailey circus was set up. He put a one-meter long boat in this small lake to float. This boat had an antenna master. There was a radio receiver in this boat. He showed various functions such as turning right or left, going straight ahead, stopping, going backwards, turning the lights on and off according to the wishes of the audience, using a remote control. This unforgettable show not only left the audience amazed, but also made it to the front covers of the daily newspapers.

Everybody who watched Nikola Tesla was convinced that he was able to do all of that with his mind power.

The remote control spacecraft, satellites and devices were developed upon Nikola Tesla's work.


12. Americans asked Edison for help to be able to detect German submarines. Tesla's idea about using energy waves for this purpose were objected to strongly by Edison. This objection is the exact reason why the device we call "radar" was invented with a delay of 25 years.


13. Tesla also paid close attention to life in outer space. He was the first to send sound waves to space from his own lab in March of the year 1899.


He also recorded the cosmic sound waves and once he announced this, the reason he didn't get any support or interest from the scientist community was that cosmic radio waves had no place in science yet.

Tesla said that he received radio signals from Mars and Venus. Today we know that he actually received these signals from the afar stars, but at the time, little was known about  cosmos. The media laughed at his "vile" claims.

14. Tesla had already shown the principles of the radio 10 years prior to Marconi's "invention."


Actually, in the year that Tesla died, 1943, the high court decided that Marconi's patent was invalid because of the preceding demonstrations of Tesla. However, many reference resources still do not mention Tesla's name about the invention of radio. (Additionally, Marconi's radio did not transmit sound, but only signals, while Tesla had demonstrated sound transmission years ago.)

15. It was obvious that Tesla saw nature in a way that others can't. The fact that he could light bulbs from kilometers away and that he could control powerful natural incidents such as earthquakes and thunderstorms prove this.


It is also obvious that the country that could turn Tesla's findings into weapons would be superior to the others. USA has developed an earthquake generator using Tesla's ideas. The rumor was that the trials that were conducted as a part of HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) triggered destructive earthquakes all over the world. The fact that witnesses reported seeing clusters of light was also interesting.

16. Tesla built the first hydroelectric power plant in Niagara Falls.

His statue at Niagara

17. What do you think Tesla received for all his success? An Edison Medal! There can't be a worse award for a person who was criticized by Edison so harshly.


18. He had countless experiments and investments. He made it to the world records on 7th of January, 1943 as the person with the most patents.


19. This great man, who invented the modern world, was found dead in the New Yorker Hotel on January 7th, 1943. He could have been a billionaire, but he unfortunately ended up penniless.


The USA government seized all his documents. It is said that further work has been carried out based on what's left from him and that there are new technologies that are developed based on his studies.

New Yorker Hotel, where he passed away


That room was named after him.


20. Today's scientists still go through his notes line by line. His eccentric theories have been proven by some famous scientists.

For example, Tesla's disc turbine engine that doesn't have propellers has turned out to be one the most efficient engines ever designed, when combined with modern materials that are available today.

21. He mentioned experiments that proved the existence of the loaded particles in neutrons. Scientists finally discovered them in 1977: Quarks.


Maybe history will be able to recognize a genius when it sees one.

He is the only (physics) scientist who has ever refused the Nobel Prize.


David Bowie portrayed Nikola Tesla in the movie "The Prestige" (2006).


An electric car modal: Tesla

Tesla bobbins in Red Alert


A Serbian banknote


We have started appreciating him more and more; and the scientists trying to steal his ideas are referenced quite often.


From Family Guy...

And some words of wisdom by Tesla: "Money does not represent such a value as men have placed upon it."

"All my money has been invested into experiments with which I have made new discoveries enabling mankind to have a little easier life."


“If your hate could be turned into electricity, it would light up the whole world."

"Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine."


Thank you, Tesla!

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