20 Interesting Fun Facts From The 2017 Oscar Nominated Movies!


We're counting down to the Oscars! It is obvious that we're going to hear a lot about nominated movies in the meantime. We gathered up the most interesting facts about the Oscar-nominated movies for you!

There are no spoilers about the movie plots. Feel free to jump in!😊

1. Fashion Designer Tom Ford didn't use any of his designs when he was shooting Nocturnal Animals.


It is said that Tom Ford never intervened the costume designer of the movie.

2. All of the Hell or High Water is set in Texas. Not a single scene was actually shot in Texas.


3. In the movie, Chris Pine is the younger brother. However, Pine is actually 2 months older than Ben Foster.


4. Another detail from the movie is that Toby offers a beer to his son.


Texas is one of 10 states in the US which allows underage children to consume alcohol under the supervision of adults.

5. In Hidden Figures, Katherine Johnson suffers from a problem when going to the toilet. This problem was experienced by real life engineer Mary Jackson as well.


6. In the same movie, when Jim Parsons was talking to NASA engineers, his audience included Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong's son Mark Armstrong.

7. Hacksaw Ridge hero Desmond T. Doss was asked how many lives he saved during the war. His reply was around 50.


However, according to the witnesses the number is nearly 100. When Doss was honored with a medal at the ceremony, he clarified the number and told that he saved nearly 75 lives.

8. The first name considered for Arrival was Story of Your Life. When testing audiences didn't like this name, the production team decided to change it to Arrival.


9. The design of the spaceship was ready way before the shooting of the movie begin. The only problem was the director's inability to imagine how people move inside of a vertical spaceship.


Then he came up with the idea of rotated gravity. This idea solved all the problems.

10. The symbols in inkblot alien language were created by the artist Martine Bertrand.


In addition, the paintings Hannah painted in the movie are also created by Martine Bertrand's own son.

11. 8-year-old actor Sunny Pawar couldn't get a visa for the US premiere of the movie.


The producers of the movie made an objection to this decision. This way Sunny Pawar and his father would be able to attend the gala.

12. The script of Manchester by the Sea was chosen as the best scenario amongst the scripts that are not shot at the 2014 Blacklist Awards.


This award became a real motivation to shoot the movie.

13. Alex R. Hibbert, who plays Little, didn't know how to swim when the shooting of the movie Moonlight started.


When Juan, played by Mahershala Ali, was trying to teach Little how to swim, it was completely real.

14. The three actors, who played Chiron at different ages, never had a chance to meet each other in real life.


The director especially requested the to not meet with each other so that they shouldn't influence each other. The same technique was applied for the character Kevin.

15. Barry Jenkins, the director of the movie, told reporters in an interview that his own mother is a drug addict, just like the character Chiron.


16. Darren Aronofsky was considered first to direct Jackie. Also, for the role of Jacqueline Kennedy, Rachel Weisz was considered.

Both Aronofsky and Weisz dropped the project. Darren Aronofsky was amongst the producers of the film.

17. Florence Foster Jenkins star Hugh Grant, had rejected all of the projects he was offered over the recent years.


When Grant was offered this role, the director didn't spend too much time on convincing him. Hugh Grant willingly accepted the role when he found out that Meryl Streep would be his co-star.

18. La La Land has 14 nominations at the 2017 Oscars. The movie has surpassed the nomination records of Titanic (1997) and All About Eve (1950).


19. Mia does a casting call in the movie where she pretends to speak on the mobile phone.

This scene is actually inspired from a real audition that Ryan Gosling attended in the past.

20. Both Emma Watson and Ryan Gosling turned down Beauty and The Beast to play in La La Land.


It is interesting that both of these movies are musicals. Whiplash actor Miles Teller was considered first for the role of Sebastian.

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